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if the flea market will still be there. >>> with the u.s. supreme court hearing on prop eight just weeks away, the state attorney general has filed her arguments with the court. she says the backers of prop eight have no legal standing in the case. harris claims the group, called protect marriage, isn't hurt by the practice of allowing same sex marriage couples to marry. the high court will hear arguments on this issue on march 26th. >> two days and counting until sequestration and $85 billion in automatic spending cuts. they don't have a negotiation scheduled until friday. the president is purposely waiting until the last minute so he can blame the gop. if no deal is made, schools and airports will face cuts. 52% of americans actually want sequestration to happen, or have congress cut more spending. >>> coming up, a deadly shark encounter at a popular tourist spot. >>> you see a little girl walk into the boy's bathroom, that's setting her up in an unsafe situation. >> too young to be trancegender? the elementary school battle. >> and the latest on the billionaires shopping spree. >>> and i'm
for the bombing yesterday outside the u.s. embassy. >> reporter: we are learning more about how this attack took place and the attacker himself. is he a well-known militant belonging to a leftist group, a group that hates the turkish government, u.s. influence over turkey, hates that turkey is part of nato and a group that carried out attacks in the past against turkish interests and u.s. interests. this militant who is about 40 years old, spent about four years in a turkish prison. had gone on a hunger strike. he been arrested for taking part in militant activity but was released for medical reasons. he arrived yesterday around lunch time, wearing a suicide vest and carrying a hand grenade. he went inside the embassy's visitor's senator, detonated that vest, threw a hand grenade, killed himself and a guard. >>> also in turkey, the body of a new york city tourist has been found in istanbul today. according to a turkish news agency, the body of sarai sierra was discovered sierra first arrived in istanbul on january 7th and visited europe before returning to turkey 12 days later. she was supposed
have to say tonight. >> the headline could be the obama announcement that he will bring home 34,000 u.s. forces from afghanistan, but he will warn the military could be hurt by spending cuts march 1st, the sequester. outside the capitol, protesters were protesting the cuts that would hit social services. preventing sequester cuts requires a deal on taxes and spending. that the president has called for in previous state of the union speeches. but there's still no agreement. >> we have a spending debt crisis not a revenue debt crisis and you have to make the right diagnosis. >> the obama prescription is to spend more to put americans back to work and pay for that by higher taxes on the wealthy. the liberal agenda that he laid out at his inaugural, angering republicans. >> saying things that positioning him on the far left of the political spectrum is not a great way to achieve accomplishments out of divided government. >> the president will push measures to stop gun violence. >> her mother had a message for lawmakers. >> you guys signed up for the job. do something. >> do something on gun
. and there are big worries about how it will hit the u.s. economy. >>> his side of the story. an emotional oscar pistorius in court for the first time. what he says really happened the night his girlfriend was killed. >>> and the brazen diamond heist at the airport right on the tarmac. a huge game of deception, $50 million worth of diamonds gone without a trace. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news with brian williams." >> good evening. >>> it's an explosive allegation, and it's what we've all been warned about for years since the dawn of the computer age. a u.s. security firm says over 140 targets in this country have been hit electronically by a branch of the chinese military. big companies, you name it, some of the best-known brand names in the u.s. but more troubling than that is the idea that chinese hackers could reach into american
government has been hacking dozens of u.s. companies, including facebook and apple. u.s. law enforcement and intelligence agencies will work closely with the private sector to teach them about counter spying. the strategy calls for a more aggressive diplomatic response to trade secret thefts. stanford is the first college to raise more than one billion dollars in a single year. they out paced harvard. and third place yale, with $500 million. as for public universities, uc berkley was the leading fundrais fundraiser. >> get your hands on google glasses. it can take pictures or record video hands free as well as search the web and send mentssas by voice. this is new released video showing how it works. if you want to be a explorer, you must write a post in 50 words or less, explaining what you would do with the glasses. the chosen people will have to pay $1500 for the glasses. you do not get them for free. >> baseball season is right around the corner and this year watching the world series champs will cost you even more. parking near at&t park is about to get more expensive. on game days
hundreds of businesses in submitting briefs to the u.s. supreme court supporting same sex marriage. this comes on the heels of hp, ceo saying in a blog post, i have come to embrace same sex marriage after a period of careful review and reflection. this is a dra that the i can change from her support of prop eight while she was running for governor. she signed a legal filing making a conservative case for the supreme court to strike down the ban. joe kinney with south bay pride applauds the shift. >> i think that it will help because she has been a leader in business. and that the conservative members of the supreme court will see that it's not just one seth of the country that is supporting this. that it's really broad based. >> joe kinney also told me that it's great to learn that hundreds of companies are now supporting same-sex marriage. she said that it's important that they are issuing the at the same time and showing their support, she said, it speaks volumes and she said, especially since they are talking about the impact it has on employees and companies bottom line. report
calls to officials in israel, canada, turkey and mexico. for updates on u.s. diplomatic concerns. in a conversation with the palestinian president, he said he intended to visit that region soon to discuss the peace process with israel. >> the question over what led to the death of a new york tourist in turkey. they now believe sarai sierra was murdered. here's the latest from ankara. >> reporter: there is still a great deal of mystery surrounding what happened to the 33-year-old woman from new york, what police here are saying is that she came to turkey last month. she was supposed to be on a two-week holiday. this was her first trip outside the use and during her trip, there were no indications that anything was going wrong. she was in regular contact with her family back in new york. they communicated by e-mail, skype, no sign of any trouble at all. until january 21st. the day she was supposed to go home. but she never got on the flight. her relatives became obviously very concerned. some of them later came to this country, turkish police set up a special unit to try to find he
developing news in the airline industry tonight, the associated press said that u.s. air ways and american airlines have been cleared to merge. this would create the world's largest airline. reports say the merger will be officially announced tomorrow. no reports yet if any jobs will be lost. >>> it's the eye in the sky, but is it legal? using drones as the law enforcement tool goes before the almeida county board of supervisors tomorrow. again, the sheriff wants to use the unmanned and unarmed aircraft to gather information in difficult places. there's been resistance from some, including the aclu, over concerns that it will violate privacy. >>> after the state of the union address, the president is taking his message of economic recovery on the road. asheville, north carolina was the first stop in a three-day trip to rally support for his job creation and economic plan. he toured a company that is expanding their manufacturer inning of engine and transmission components. the republicans say he is pushing old failed ideas. tomorrow, he vifts atlanta and his hometown of chicago on friday.
the costs down and help the homeless find other alternatives. >> thanks so much. the u.s. supreme court is set to hear arguments from same-sex marriage couples. the gay and lesbian couples who filed a supreme court brief are the same four people who led the legal challenge against prop 8. the supreme court hearing on same-sex marriage will take place on march 26th. >> new at 5:00, do you recognize him? police need help to identify a serial bank robber who has been linked to five heists starting on january 18th. he robbed four other banks with the latest on tuesday in santa clara. they're releasing surveillance videos of him in action. described as 35 years old with a muscular build. three were wells fargo branches. >>> san jose's mayor is jumping on reports that they may be closer to the south bay. san jose mayor chuck reid says it makes since baa they are studying millions of dollars to subsidize the team and he says that will not be necessary if the a's move to san jose. the san francisco giants own the territorial rights and may not allow it. >> many of us will watch the oscars but a
states will say that he defrauded the government by racing for the u.s. government. and getting funds for the team. armstrong raced for the postal service more than a decade ago. >> the countdown is on to the oscars with that said, we roll out the red carpet. this is the scene today at the dolby theater in hollywood. final preparations for sunday's academy awards. the awards are down in hollywood,ut the bay area is well represented. jennifer is nominated as one of the executive producers for the invisible war. it exposes the epidemic of rape in the u.s. military. and pixar is nominated for "brave." >> and first lady michelle obama created a memorable video with jimmy fallon. i know the moves. jimmy fallon dressed up like a mom and put on the evolution of mom dancing with mrs. obama. one thing is for sure, shes that moves. >> well, coming up, a cheer leader in the national spotlight. we will show you what she did. stay with us. >> okay, when someone makes a half court shot? basketball, it's usually amazing. but this shot did not come from a player, took a look is she a cheer leader? ye
-high again. >>> there's been another terrorist attack on a u.s. outpost overseas. our own richard engel is there, all of it playing out when we get a new secretary of state. >>> new rules in the ongoing fight over birth control coverage. the president makes an offer. the question is, will religious leaders give it their blessing? >>> and the big game. it's all over, but the shouting, the fans are in place, the excitement is building. oh, but wait. we're talking about the puppy bowl on sunday. "nightly news" begins now. >>> from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >>> good evening. late today the stock market crossed over something of a mythic mark of the modern era and the dow jones industrials closed above 14,000 for the first time since 2007. and we all remember what happened back then. the stock market has been on a tear of late, gaining almost 7% so far this year. s&p and nasdaq also up. we started the day by learning
. >> after 28 years in the senate, john kerry arrived this morning at his new job at the u.s. state department. he received a warm and supportive welcome, he was quick to thank hillary clinton. he hit the ground running, speaking with leaders in the middle east, asia and mexico over the weekend. he is the 68th secretary of state but the first male secretary of state since 2005. >> sergio romo will not face charges. he was upset with tsa agents after failing to provide proper i.d. at a security check point. the charges carry the possibility of six months in jail and a thousand dollar fine, today, an aide at the clark county da's office said a screening panel decided to drop the case. romo and the rest of the giants pitchers and catchers report to spring train engine eight days. >>> it's a sign of the times in premo fremont and that sign is coming down. a deal closed on friday. solyndra went out of busy, you may recall, disreceiving a half a billion in federal loans that set off a political fire storm. seagate got the building at a rock bottom price of $90,000, and the facility cost $
shortly, her knees buckle and she veers off course. she was air lifted to a nearby hospital, now the u.s. ski team confirmed that -- here is the jump -- they confirmed she suffered acl and mcl tears in her right knee as well as a fractured right tibia. they are optimistic that held be ready for the winter games next february. >>> the 49ers are calling this one of the most depressing days of the season. players cleaned out their lockers this morning in team headquarters they collected their personal belongings and kaepernick seems to be taking the loss personally. asked how long that loss will stay with him, he said, for the rest of his life. >> i mean, it's tough. i mean, we been through a lot together, we are here with each other all the time. it's like leaving your family. >> you know, relax, heel the injuries and things like that, and pick back up, where we left off. >> after just a couple of days of recoup ragz, some like kaepernick will start to train for next season already. >> with a country where more than 12 million people are unemploy today saving just eight jobs is not somethi
meeting. >> check your mailbox, but not on saturday's. today, the u.s. post office said that it's ending the saturday delivery in an effort to save $2 billion. they will deliver mail monday through friday, but not saturday. it will only drop off packages on saturdays. the plan goes into effect this august. the postal service said that it will shift the focus to shipping where it believes it can make more money. >> los gatos based netflix could benefit from the postal plan, meaning that subscribers will be watching fewer dvds for the same price. netflix will have one less day to send dvds so the company will aif money that it usually would have spent. investigators seem to think the same thing. the company's stock went up 6% today. >> as we approach valentine's day today, it's a busy time for online dating sites. scott budman found one that is growing all over the world. >> a lot of growth for the company called zoosk, because there's more than just one language of love. >> it sounds like the united nations. >> but this office is not political. >> it's zoosk. >> thank you for calling. >>
oakland one of the most complex policing environments in the u.s. >> the police can make a difference if they are focused and they're passionate and they're out there on the streets. if they have a presence. >> reporter: the homicide rate in oakland reached a six-year crime and violence jumped 23%. burglaries were up even more than that. and wasserman was telling the people about the broken windows theory which is a way of focusing on minor crime as a way of prevery muching major crimes. the audience is listening intently. we hope to get some reaction when the meeting ends in a little while. nbc bay area news. >>> thank you. people in the northeast are digging out after that massive blizzard and others are finally getting where they need to go by plane and train after days and days. >> reporter: they're the sounds of a chilly clean-up echoed all across new england. >> a lot of work. >> reporter: work that is stretching into a second day as road crews fan out across the region. at its height, the blizzard dumps more than three feet of snow in some areas. today a caravan of plows are wo
would open the path to citizenship for park and 2 million other young people brought to the u.s. as children. >> was facebook hacked? the social network said that a hacking group was able to install software on a number of employee laptops. there's no evidence that user data was compromised. but attacks happened last month when employees visited a mobile website that was compromised. >> the computers have been cleaned and an investigation is ongoing. >> how about this, nickels and dimes add up. a half a million in change. tha is what was left in the airport last year. that is about a $45,000 increase from 210. a spokes person from the tsa say they try to reunite passengers with the money. if not, they get to keep the change. >> palo alto high school can be getting an upgrade thanks to a donation. an offer has been made to foot the bill upgrade the facility. the school board said the donor is the parent of a student in the district. the new facilities would include two gyms, a wrestling room, dance studio, weight room and classrooms. if the school board approves the plan, constru
executive and former california republican candidate for u.s. senate carly fiorina squared off in the roundtable part of the program inspect. they traded accusations from the economy to the dysfunction in washington. >> it's time for us to lean in again and hold these guys up to a higher level of expectation. you want to move the mouse, you got to move the cheese. we've got to change incentives in this country for good behavior not the kind we're seeing. >> i find it stunning, truly that this president and the democratic party continue to lay all the blame for their failure to achieve anything at the feet of the tea party or ted cruz or whoever the latest villain is. >> also every time newsome appears on "meet the press," it renews speculation that his still has his sights set on washington down the road of his political career. >>> president obama's chief of staff confirms that the white house has been working on its own immigration reform plan. republicans are pushing back hard and say they're waiting to see what a bipartisan group of lawmakers will be offering in the next fe
week a navy memo said that the blue angels will be grounded this summer. they perform in 30 u.s. cities each year, while the angels are one part of fleet week, they are generally the biggest draw and the key reason that a million people spend that weekend in san francisco every year. >> the santa cruz community is on high alert after yesterday's violent sexual attack on a woman visiting the campus. she was beaten and raped on a wooded path at noon. she was treated at a local hospital for bruises to her head. she describes the attacker. a white male in his 30s, dark hair, a full mustache and goatee and a tattoo on his upper right arm. he smelled of cigarettes. >> still ahead at 5, burned down to the ground, a fiery send off. >> and talking about what your probably talking about, gas prices that continue to be above $4, how other folks are reacting coming up. >> and good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri, dramatic drop in temperatures for today from 79 in gilroy on friday to 53 today and san francisco from 71 to 51, not toonly the cold blast, but e rain as well. >> for the 32nd day in a row, ga
to these numbers, half of all women will have a osteoperosis related fracture in their lifetime. a u.s. taskt force that the popular practice may do nothing. instead, the best source of calcium is through your diet, milk, yogurt and leafy greens, as for vitamin d, they suggest is you eat leafy greens and get sunshine. >> vitamin d and supplements may not reduce the risk or affeldt fracture through a lifetime. >> many people think it's harder to lose weight after the age of 50. well, they are right. there are scientific reasons for it and the good news is that there's still ways to battle a bulging waste line. we share one woman's success story. >> after women turn 50, their hormones change, studies show it becomes harder to lose weight, because the levels of cortizone rises. >> lean muscle mass declines and the reason it's important is that muscle is then replaced by fat. >> all right, the moment of truth. >> julie watched as her weight creeped up over the years. >> i honestly thought it was impossible to lose weight. >> she finally joined the center for weight loss. she gets a personalized calorie
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